Why do You Think Apple’s Sales have Drastically Come Down?

To start with, Smartphones have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Earlier, we had keypad phones which costed around INR 5000. But back then it was really difficult to spend 5,000 on a phone. Now it is not like that for sure. Everyone is having a smartphone and it has become easy to buy it because they give consumer loans easily. Consumer loans are being offered at a lower interests on a nationalised banks and it is little higher on private banks. Apple had hell lot of sales back then but now it is completely dropped. We will be listing down the reasons why Apple failed big time.

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Features are something that is expected from all the customers but Apple had limited features even now they are still on the verge of competing with the big fish like the Samsung. Even today, Apple doesn’t have an inbuilt radio and the bluetooth that is available on the phone is of no use as you cannot share music and documents to other phones. The reason behind this is still untold. One sad thing about iPhone is that you cannot even download music on the phone and you need to subcribe to apple music to download and listen the music. Orelse you need to download and install third party apps like the Gaana, Wink, and Sportify. Such a blunder by Apple it is, you cannot listen to songs without being subscribed to Apple Music. Whereas, in Android it is completely user friendly and can be downloaded from any of the third party apps. Apple has lot of limitations but still people buy it because of the encryption. Encryption is something that is very much necessary if you are doing a business. And one more disadvantage is battery back up. It is very disheartening to understand that it only lasts for 6 hours with all the data pack on and location services on. There are different android phones wherein, they last for more than 36 hours.Yet these phones are very cost effective when you compare it with other phones.

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