What do You Mean by Audio Visuals Integration?

To start with, Audio Visual is the only department wherein there is no saturation at all. As a business, there are people who have undergone a heavy loss but in this department the ratio is little low. Electronics and Electrical is something that the world is running on and has least resale value. Coming to the point that, How audio visual is related to network? It is called the integration which we will be discussing in the next half of the article. Here we will be discussing about the products and services that comes under Audio Visuals sector:

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CCTV comes under surveillance category and also audio visuals. For instance, you need to install two ip cameras to your house. There are three types of cameras namely, domed cameras, bullet cameras, pan, tilt, and zoom cameras. These cameras are connected to hardisk and DVR. The DVR is again interconnected to the power supply and the IP. You can view things on your phone through the app.

Public Address System

Public address system is being used everywhere and integrated in malls, railway station, restaurants, and church. This system is usually used to make announcement or to play some light music in the background. The connection and the networking seems to be very much simple and can be constructed in very less time. The ceiling speakers will be integrated on  the roof top or the Pop. The wires that comes around the speakers is looped and again inter connected to amplifiers. From the amplifiers to the power supply. Suppose you have connected 4W speakers 4 nos in the roof and the amplifer that you need to integrate should be above 20W so as to enhance the signal to noise ratio.

Video Conference Cameras

It is quite natural that you cannot go to your client’s place to discuss across the table all the time. In such cases, VC cameras are being implemented. Many corporates integrates this system in their conference rooms so as to conduct the meetings seamlessly. The camera is developed in such a way that, it automatically detects whosoever is speaking in the conference room and ensures that he/she is in the frame. Audio Conference units pulls the audio input.

We hope this answers most of your doubts regarding What do You Mean by Audio Visuals Integration? Just in case you have any further questions, you can always ask us in the comments section. Thanks for reading!