What Are The Pros and Cons Of AI?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a computer integrated system developed in 1956. It works on the input and data collected from the interaction thus enabling it to fully function by itself. AI system can perform task like what humans are capable of doing. Over the years the system has developed and due to technological advancements, huge storage capacities enabling it fully mimic human actions. For example Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s Bixby are pure AI-powered system they perform their action based on the needs and demands of the user. But having such a powerful system has its advantages and limitations.

List Of Pros Of Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Performs Task  Easily

AI Technology helps us to be more productive when it comes to performing repetitive tasks. It records all the work process and data related to those tasks and it can be automated. Thus it allows humans to focus on creative tasks.

  1. Less Error

When it comes to performing Industrial tasks that require minimum error then Artificial Intelligence can perform such task because it’s constructed in such a way that it can break dissect complex math. Thanks to its algorithm.

  1. User-Friendly

Artificial Intelligence is enabled in our homes, our electronic devices, and even automobile vehicles. It gives a user the ability to experiences newer things, for example, Virtual Reality Games, it enables a person to feel and things like it is real. It enhances user experiences.

List Of Cons  Of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Expensive

The setup cost of Artificial Intelligence is expensive because it depends on factors like innovation and development and for a small business it’s highly impossible to invest in such a big set up or project. The cost of materials and manpower plays a major deciding factor in a project.

  1. Removes Human Work Forces

If Artificial Technology is deployed everywhere it will remove the need for the human workforce.

Workers in Industries and Companies which perform the repetitive task they are at a higher risk of losing jobs in the future.

  1. Possibility Of Data Breach

Artificial Intelligence heavily relies on data and information for its processing. It gathers data and processes it. This enables them to perform intuitive tasks. As a huge amount of data is stored there is a high risk of getting it breached. Information like Credit Card Number, Bank Account Details, Phone Number and Other Personal details can be stolen.