Weird USB Gadgets One Can Buy

One must never limit their system’s USB ports to dongles or office peripherals when there are variety of USB gadgets available outside. Here are some of the coolest USB gadgets that one can buy and is unexpectedly useful. You will also find some strange and impractical USB gadgets as well. Read on to find more,

Handmade pentode USB extension

This handmade pentode extension is for people who have been irritated by subtle data transfer indicators. The pentode USB extension lights up whenever one plugs in a USB 2.0 device and makes all the peripheral setups and file transfers much more interesting. The wood carvings are basically Latvian style and the braided cable gives a nice aesthetic touch.

Westminster USB vacuum

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It is time to upgrade to the world’s smallest USB powered vacuum. Dust particles cannot stand a chance against the Westminster USB vacuum’s reusable filter It has an ergonomic design, basically a extended four foot connection wire. Keep your unnecessary power draw or battery worries at bay as there is a dedicated power button available in this vacuum.

Robot USB hub

This is a friendly robot that comes to life with lifelike, blinking blue eyes whenever you plug it in. It has top quality rubberized wheels that helps in easy mobility and as well as adjustable arms. Another plus point is that the robot will not become sentient and will serve you as your personal four port USB hub.

Soondar USB multimeter

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The Soondar USB multimeter can measure voltage and current readings from any USB device without using additional wires. This is a compact utility that has a size of a basic flash drive. It has a vibrant, translucent blue casing with a digital screen. Another major advantage is that it is very easy to transport irrespective of wherever you go and is super convenient. Just plug it in and the display will show all the alternating current and voltage readings.

USB coffee warmer

If you want to keep your coffee warm, then this USB powered coffee warmer is perfect for you. It has the capacity to keep one’s beverages warm up to one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit. It weighs approximately 0.28 pounds and also has an open design. This USB coffee warmer uses a three foot cable which allows the user to keep it anywhere.


Apart from these you could also buy a SN-RIGGOR portable USB C fan, ThinkGeek USB pet rock, USB cooling necktie and many others.