Useful USB Gadgets That You Will Want to Own

You have USB ports in your system that are barely used. Of course, if you are a developer or an ethical hacker then you will find use for it. But most of us don’t really have use for it and it is left unused nearly all the time. But what if you could put it to use and good use at that? No I’m not pulling your leg, there are things you can buy that fit your USB port that are than PC accessories.

Such gadgets are termed USB gadgets and it is one of the unique and youngest markets in the tech industry. USB gadgets serve a purpose other than being a PC accessory and there are a lot of them. While you might think, what can people come with, if you actually go and check it out, people have come up with tons of useful and crazy things that fit in that socket and I am going to tell you about the best of them.

Robot USB Hub

Contradicting my earlier statement that you don’t need many USB ports, there are times when you need a lot of them and that’s where USB hubs come into play. Instead of buying a boring hub however, you could buy the Robot USB hub that looks like, you guessed it, a tiny robot. It is the craziest idea for a USB hub that I have seen and you will want one too.

Hanerdun LED USB Lamp

A lamp is always useful, especially if you are travelling frequently. For those who carry around their laptop and work while travelling it is a welcome addition and the Hanerdun LED USB Lamp is exactly for those kinds of people. It is a LED lamp that fits in your USB socket and overlooks the laptop.

Image result for starcraft protoss pylon desktop power station

Starcraft Protoss Pylon Desktop Power Station

This is easily one of the coolest USB gadgets I have ever seen, if not the coolest. Something right out of Starcraft right on your table. It is used to as a charger and powers mobiles and any other device you plug into it. Utility aside, it is so cool. I mean look at it, I would simply love to have something like that on my bed side table even if it was not functioning.

Kikkerland USB Hubman

Another USB hub making the list is Kikkerman USB Hubman. Shaped like a stick figure, it is a USB hub that has 4 ports on four limbs. It is perhaps the cutest USB hub I have ever seen and would make a useful and helpful addition to your laptop or PC.