Top Technology Trends of 2020

The 4th industrial revolution is in full flow and there is no denying the progress we have made in the last few decades. The technological developments made each year is staggering to the point that we have reached a place where we no longer know what the bounds of development even are today.

As we complete another year of progress and technological developments, it is that time again. Time to predict the tech that will grow the most, tech that will surprise us the most and the tech that will have everybody dancing on ice.

It is time to talk about the tech trends of the year 2020 and how companies can benefit from it if they get on the bandwagon early. Understanding trends not only helps you understand where tech is heading but also helps you to prepare for what’s coming.

So, here are the top tech trends for 2020.

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AI as a Service

AI is already on its way to become a mainstream technology. Although it’s a piece of tech that is still in the stage of its infancy, it already has applications everywhere. Imagine what you could do once it realizes its potential.

2020 will see the rise of selling AI as a service, just like SaaS or PaaS. Companies will continue to develop AI and deploy them as a service platform. This will make it cheaper and more efficient.

5G Networks

It’s hard to miss 5G really. I mean it has caused a trade war between the two superpowers of the world, so you know that its big. 2020 will see the first widely deployed 5G networks from commercial companies. It will be affordable and widely available and 5G will soon take wings.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are not that far off from reality, but 2020 will perhaps mark the first year that fully autonomous vehicles will take to the streets, commercially. Tesla has already announced that its full autopilot feature will be rolled out next year and more companies will follow as the year goes.

Predictive Healthcare

AI and machine learning in healthcare have started making some strides. While the strides are not very evident right now, 2020 will see a change. The impact of AI will be more evident with predictive treatments and diagnosis starting to take hold in the market. You will have personalized healthcare depending on your medical history and computers will figure out what could go wrong with you and fix it before it even occurs.