The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Employment

Digitization, automation, all these things have made the countries grow at faster rate. Everything has become so easy, that people now get foods, book tickets, etc just by sitting at home. But it has become difficult and a point of worry for the workers. Presence of AI in offices, factories is increasing at a faster rate. In this article, you will find some impacts of AI on employment.

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. These processes include learning, reasoning and self correction. Applications of AI include expert systems, Speech recognition and machine vision. AI tools offer a wide range of new functionality for businesses.

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 By 2030, it is said that AI and robots will replace the 30% of the human labor. 400 to 800 million jobs will be displaced by the AI, and 375 million people will need to change their job categories. In the early times of 1811, the textile workers protested against the automation, by burning the factories. If we see the fear of AI in workers, it is not new, it exists from old age. But automation is also helping industries to grow faster.

AI is used in different sectors like AI in business, AI in education, AI in finance, AI in law, AI in manufacturing. The employees of these sectors are worried more because the growth of AI is increasing in high rate and eating up the jobs of humans. And if the employees are not loosing jobs, than they are getting effected in different way like reduced salary, no change in work, continuing with the same work, less exploring and less growth of knowledge and skills.

The main impact of AI will be on blue collar and middle level employees; because all their work is getting automated, even in factories automation is helping in doing the work easily and fastly, which has resulted in people getting out of their jobs by the owners. It is true that every good thing also brings with it some negative aspects, which impacts the society directly or indirectly. We should always try to accept the new innovations, but should also look at how the employees will get effected by that and employees should also try to upgrade their skills, which may safe them from being replaced. At the end AI is also operated by humans, so never loose hope.