Technology Innovation in China

China is known to be the leading player in science and technology globally. China has always come up with new technologies, which just make the work of humans very easy and fast. In this article we have mentioned few great innovations by china.

  • ChengDu artificial moon – The artificial moon in ChengDu will be launched in 2020. The moon will be so bright that it will replace street lights entirely. It will be 8 times as bright as the real moon. It will be able to give light to 80 kilometers area. The Wu satellite has already been tested. It is said this artificial moon may cause some negative effects also.
  • Electric Buses – China in every week is adding 9,500 electric buses to its roads just like London fleet. It has become the leader in electric bus transit by total 385,000 electric buses operating in the country. These buses are decreasing the dependency of country on oil and in other hand also cleaning the air quality of dense urban population. They also want to become the leader in selling of electric buses.

  • Solar Expressway – The country is planning to build a long solar expressway, to charge the self driving vehicles. The highway is said to be 161 kilometers long. The highway will be fitted with sensing and monitoring equipment to reduce traffic congestion.
  • Waste to energy plant – It is the industrial hub and is designed to transform 5.000 tonnes of waste every day into power. It will open in 2020.
  • Transit Elevated Bus – It is designed to fill 1,200 people at a time. The trial of this will happen soon in this year.
  • Quantum Science Satelite – It is built to establish a quantum communications link between earth and space. It will improve the security of data transmission around the whole world.

  • 3D printed houses – After printing the prefabricated modules, the components were lifted in place by a crane.
  • Telescope – It is a 500 meter spherical telescope. It is situated in Pingtang country, to protect the project from unwanted magnetic disruptions.

China never stops. China has made the technology innovation as its priority goal. The people there think forward 5 years than other country’s employees. You can go to china exhibition for seeing its innovations and also you can in Internet that how daily China is growing everywhere. We hope this article would have given you an idea of how china is innovating its technology.