Open Source Program for Machine Learning

Nowadays, we develop our machine in such a way that we don’t give any instruction about the surroundings. Where the machine itself acts and understands the surrounding environment and without having a software, the computer is like an empty box and unable to perform the given task. So, we are communicating to the means that we use it for transportation and increasingly addicted to them. With the rapid advancements and massive amount of talent and resources that can grow the technologies.  For a developing a program, several software are available. Below are the open source program for machine learning.


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This is open source network for the framework which is easy to use and has many platforms. TensorFlow is known for the well-maintained and widely used frame works for machine learning. Also, it was created by the google for supporting its research and production objectives and used by many companies that includes Drobox, eBay, Intel, Twitter and Uber. Even the TensorFlow allows to develop neural networks using flowgraphs.


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Keras is the open source programming library which is designed to create the deep learning models. Well, this is written in python and can be deployed on the Al technologies such as TensorFlow, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit and Theano. Keras is known for the user-friendless, modularity and ease of extensibility.

Scikit Learn

This is the open source library developed for machine learning and code is written in Python. It has several features like classification, regression, clustering and dimensionality reduction.  Also, it has other open source projects like Matplotlib, NumPy and SciPy where it focuses on data mining and data analysis.


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Torch is a machine learning library which offers a wide range of algorithms for deep learning. This open source framework provides you with the speed and flexibility when handling the machine learning projects without causing unnecessary complexities in the process. So, it is written using the scripting language Lua and comes with an underlying C implementation. Torch includes N-dimensional arrays, linear algebra routines and numeric optimization routines which supports iOS and android platforms.

When the developer start building the machine learning application, they have to select one program which can be the difficult task to develop. Above types are the ones which is used for programming. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about open source program for machine learning. Thanks for reading!