How Computer Networks add an advantage to our lives?

It is no doubt that we are living in the information era. All of us have some or the other information with us and with the working of computer networks we are able to connect with other people and share the information we have and gain knowledge of areas we don’t know. Irrespective of wired or non-wired connections we able to access information easily and cheaply like never before. Let us look at the various benefits that computer networks offer.

  1. Free Information Sharing

Computer networks give everyone a platform to share information with one another. You can share information as an individual or as a business. The information can be shared using several formats i.e., through files, emails, blog posts, text messages, advertisements, etc. This process has reduced a lot of time from that of the postal services. And this is its greatest advantage.

  1. Enables Frequent collaboration

The computer network allows numerous people to visit the same platform all at the same time. This can be done irrespective of their geographical locations around the world. You can meet anyone and share anything across the globe by simply logging into your account. The documents or files can be stored in your account for being utilized later too. Thus computer networks have provided for global collaboration for any number of teams and team players.

  1. Reduced cost of computer networks

If we look back at 1984, using a Tandy 1000 would cost you $1200. Even though it did not have internet back then, it certainly gave way to networking. Now we can use a Chromebook for less than $200 that allows access to internet and traditional computer networks too.

  1. Data can be stored off-line

Computer networks, internet, technological structures are all under the constant threat from hackers, malware, technical dysfunctions etc. Thus it is critical to store information offline and also protect it from the wrong hands. Thus computer networks can be virtually connected through private networks or kept offline. The online gathered information can be protected offline too.

The other benefits of computer network is that, anyone with minimal skills can also easily connect to it. All you need is  to know how to turn on a computer and click on the right prompts to join a network. And you can personalize your network in a few and simple steps. You can customize the people you want to share the information with and the level of information you want to share. Well on the whole , most of the things are revealed and the networking platforms have given way to the modern world’s e-commerce.