How 5G Will Change The World

Ever Wondered what the big ruckus about 5G is? Imagine internet speeds in your phone that is faster than your Wi-fi, that’s what 5G is about and its no surprise that the whole world is fighting over it. It is the next generation of technology in telecommunication and it is so in every sense. It is faster, has less latency and is simply better than the VolTE technology that 4G is based on today.

But why the big fuss? Surely it is simply a step up from the previous one? The fuss is because of how much of a step up it is from 4G. It is supposed to be around 80 times faster than 4G and the latency is supposed to be way better. So, is it really going to have such an impact on the world? Yes, unless you have fibre connection, there is simply no other technology and surely no wireless tech that can give you such speeds, making it a tantalizing prospect.

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Autonomous Vehicles

5G is simply the next gen of telecommunications and connectivity and autonomous vehicles are nothing but connectivity. The onboard systems are always hooked to the internet and the improved speed and latency of 5G will have a big impact on the autonomous vehicle industry with some even calling it the oxygen for autonomous vehicles. This will allow it to coordinate and stay connected with other vehicles and IoT devices and compute in real time, making them better and safer.


The internet of things is perhaps the sector that has to gain the most out of the 5G revolution. As the name itself suggests IoT devices are connected devices that currently run on either VolTE or Wi-fi and 5G will immensely change that. Again, better speeds and low latency will mean better IoT devices that will respond faster and not miss a single beat. Creating new IoT systems for factories and the likes will be easier and use of RFID sensors in smart farming will be more effective as the real time computational prowess increases.

Health Care

The healthcare and robotics industry also will change a lot due to 5G. It will no longer be a dream to have remote robotic surgeries where a surgeon on the other side of the of the planet is controlling a robot to perform a difficult surgery. Latency will no longer be a problem in such cases. 5G will also help create smarter gadgets and wearables in the medical field that can literally monitor everything and activate during an emergency.