Galaxy Note 10: Samsung’s Gateway to The Future

Here it is. The much hyped and eagerly awaited successor to the Note 9 and it does not disappoint. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the ultimate performance phone. Let nobody tell you otherwise. Samsung promised a lot of things with the Note 10 Plus, Next level power laptop, class storage and a display that will make you forget your TV and fortunately for us, they have delivered on their promise.

The Note 10 is a true successor to the Note 9 in every sense. They started out on the next generation of galaxy last year with a revamped focus on hardware and software and the effort shows in the new device. The hardware is as good as it gets and the software side of things has improved so much, it hardly feels like a glitchy Samsung anymore.


Power Packed Performance

As I said earlier, it is the ultimate performance phone and the specs back it up. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor and clocks, frankly, a mad 2.13 GHz. Its world wide alternative, the home grown Axinos processor is no slouch either, delivering equivalent power and performance in the phone.

The phone features a Ram of 12GB which, to be honest, is enough for a fairly powerful laptop. But they simply had to go overboard and stuff 12 GB of RAM into the device. The 7nm architecture coupled with the RAM that is offered results in the ultimate performance machine in your hand.

The battery is no laughing matter as well. For a phone that reeks of performance, the battery has to be of a decent size and Samsung is offering more than a decent size with a 4300 MaH battery. It is charged by a fast charging C-Type port with wireless and reverse wireless charging capabilities that the company debuted with the S10.


The Screen Stands Out

The screen is easily the biggest selling point of the phone. We all know Samsung makes the best OLED screens in the market but they seemed to have one upped themselves. The Note 10’s screen is simply the most gorgeous screen you will see in the market. 6.8 inches in size, it has a bonkers 94.7 screen to body ratio. And when you look at it, it looks better than any TV out there in the market.

The other Stuff

The camera has to be mentioned as well. Samsung is in the game to make some of the best camera hardware in the smartphone market and the trend continues with the Note 10 Plus. While the software included could use a bit of help, the camera itself does not disappoint. It features a 12 MP wide angle camera, a 12 MP telephoto lens and 16 MP ultrawide angle camera lens.

The S pen got some really cool upgrades to. It has an 8-way gyro sensor that makes gesture control possible. Although the gestures still need to worked on, it is a brilliant addition to the Note 10. Samsung is literally redefining what you can do with a stylus.