3  Major Smart Home Systems

With the advancement in the technologies, innovations have increased a lot better at home.  All the devices in home are connected to internet which makes things to look easier. Also, by using smart home technologies you can save lot of time whether its cooking or someother thing. Over here, IoT is used as the key component for home automation and smart homes.  So, this way around you control items around the house from window shades to pet feeders simply with a push of button. Even you can control some activities like setting up a lamp to turn on or off. Also, you can use advanced surveillance cameras which requires lot of time and money. Below are the 3  major smart home systems.

Amazon Alexa

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Alexa is known as the most significant smart home ecosystems which is available on the internet. Alexa helps in every aspect of your smart home easier for accessing and controlling. Even you can use Alexa to speak to apps like Spotify very easily for asking her to turn off the lights. So, with the help of Alexa you can close your garage, lock your doors and adjust your home’s temperature.

Google Assistant

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if there is any competitor to Alexa then that can be Google Assistant.  Even though Google Assistant supports third- party applications, but also it can often answer questions and complete commands where Alexa cannot do and by thanking the Google major ownership of the search engine space. So, Google Assistant will five times more correct answer than Alexa. At last, it is Google Assistant who wins when it comes to understanding how people naturally speak.

Wink Hub 2

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 Wink Hub 2 is named as the first smart home hub designed for the mainstream consumer. Just like Alexa or Assistant, Wink doesn’t have the brand loyalty allowing you to pick and choose different smart product brands and merge them with one another. So, Wink Hub 2 will support smart home protocols like Bluetooth LE, kidde , Lutron ClearConnect, Wi-fi. Even you can download the Wink Hub App and control commands like light switches or garage door from the phone.

Well, the above technologies can be used for smart home products which makes your life much easier and comfortable. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about 3 major smart home systems. Thanks for reading!